Can You Use Acrylic Paint To Dye Your Highlight Wigs

Mar 21, 2022 Lifestyle Adam

Buying a highlight wig is one of the best options for wig lovers that are trying to change their looks. These Wigs give you the right shade of brown, highlighted with other shades of brown. It gives you a new look. For you to love highlight wigs, it means you like a colour change in your wig. Colour changes are a great way to wear wigs because they make you stand out. But before you change any color on your head, you should test it first. Because a wig color looks great on someone’s head does not mean it will look perfect on your head. You need to try it out first. A great option will be to buy the coloured wig and test. But that will be an expensive option because it requires a considerable investment, and when the wig does not fit you, it is a waste. Instead, you can Dye one of your older wigs into that colour to confirm.

Because highlight wigs have a single colour, you may get tired over time. It is more tha likely to drop these wigs when you get tired of wearing them. However, the highlight wigs have a light shade, indicating that you can easily dye them to change their color. Using a Dye is the quickest option that comes to mind. But buying a dye, developer, and other materials may not be the suitable investment to make. Instead, you can easily use acrylic paint to dye the hair. Yes, it is possible to dye your highlight wigs with acrylic paint – if it is an artificial hair wig. It does not mean you will use acrylic paint to paint over your wig. You will need to mix the acrylic paint with rubbing alcohol to make the perfect Dye. This guide will discuss the steps involved in dying your hair with acrylic paint.

Ensure the wig is a cheap one

Acrylic paint will leave a permanent stain on your wig when you use it to Dye. Therefore, you may not want to try dying an expensive wig with the paint. Try to ensure that it is an artificial wig that does not cost so much. That way, if there are any mistakes, you would not have many regrets.

Set up your wig on a stand

You need a wig stand to dye the wig with acrylic paint. If you do not have a stand, try to build one up. Doing this gives you a clear view of the wig and can see the places that need more dye.

Mix acrylic paint and alcohol in a spray bottle

To Dye with acrylic paint, you will need to mix the color with alcohol. The type of alcohol that should be used is rubbing alcohol. You can make the mix in a bowl, but for the application, you need a spray bottle. Ensure you shake your mixture correctly before you apply.

Spray wig and comb hair continuously

Once you have your mix of acrylic paint and alcohol, you can spray your wig easily. While you spray, ensure you are combing so that it circulates. After that, allow dryness for a few hours then you can rinse the wig.