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Sharepoint Branding

Branding Microsoft Sharepoint sites is no piece of cake. Sharepoint 2007 uses table-based HTML to render pages and up to 10 different CSS files to style them...unbelievable! Sharepoint does provide a handful of themes, but they're basically different colors of lipstick you can put on the same boring default page layout. So, if you haven't upgraded to Sharepoint 2010 yet -- and many companies haven't -- you should definitely get help from us if you've given up on the default look and feel and are finally ready to brand your portal with your company's new look and feel. You and your customers will appreciate the new look as well as the improved user experience we'll help you build into it.

Sharepoint 2010 took needed steps forward and created table-less HTML pages but branding them is still a challenge. In addition, since quality user experiences are something Microsoft has always struggled with, you should contact us if you need any help rebranding your site or internal portal.

Here are a few screenshots of some of the sites we've rebranded.

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