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Responsive Web Design

If you haven't heard about responsive web design then it's about time you did. In the old days of the web (2-3 years ago) users were expected to respond to your site by using "supported" browsers, resizing their browser window to optimize the content view, pinching and stretching their smart phone and tablet screens to read your page, and jump through whatever other hoops your site required until they finally gave up altogether. Responsive design proposes that your site should respond to your users, not the other way around.

This site, for instance, was built using responsive coding techniques so whether you're viewing it on your iPhone, iPad, laptop, or desktop, you see all the content. It may look slightly different depending on the device or the orientation of that device, but everything is there, optimized for touch or mouse input. This bit of web magic is accomplished with a mix of flexible grids and layouts, resizable images, clever coding, and some fancy CSS. Does this mean I need different bundles of pages for every new gadget on the market, you ask? No, the beauty of responsive design is that you only need to develop your site once and it will "shape shift" for any device.

We can work with you to re-engineer your site quicker than you think. Keep in mind, responsive design solves a very important technical issue many companies face but if your site is not designed with usability in mind, the end result will be that your site is now difficult to use on more platforms! We will work with you on a modern, intuitive and responsive design that creates the best overall user experience for your users.

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