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Browser-based Applications and Apps

Everyone knows about the success and popularity of mobile apps, but you may not know that there are probably more applications that run in browsers around corporate America than Apps in Apple's App Store. Theses applications are used for banking, financials, health care, education, and just about every business vertical you can name. They are typically written in HTML, CSS, and Javascript (or some other scripting language). At The Yorchak Group we've been creating these applications for a very long time. The carousel to the right has screenshots of some of the apps we've been involved with. All of these started with a blank sheet of paper and evolved through a user-centered design process involving: user analysis and requirements gathering, initial concept design, wire-framing, and finally prototyping before they were ever turned over to development. The Yorchak Group understands the process and has the skills to help you design and prototype your application.

If you've had mixed results handing over your application requirements to your IT department, it's time to bring in someone to guide the design the right way and then work with your developers to build a superior user experience.

Here are a few screenshots of some of the applications we've created over the years. (Some of the screenshots show the finished design while others show wireframes and/or prototypes.)

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